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Driving down to Xishuanbanna (the most southern district of Yunnan, China) is an experience on its own: crossing several climate zones, one ends up in a tropical area that culturally does not much differ from Thailand or Laos, it surely doesn't feel 'Chinese'. Tropical as it may be, there is not much jungle left. Most has been sacrificed for the economic gains of rubber and other plantations. Change of times has not left the different minority people groups untouched; their lifestyle and villages are quickly losing its cultural richness leaving nothing but a few tourist shopping villages...
These photos are taken during a 2 week trip in December 2008. For more impressions, click here.
20081222 Jinghong car trip XBN (14)20081225 Jinghong Thursrday market XBN (85) adj-1-120081225 Jinghong Thursrday market XBN (84)20081228 Mengkun area XBN (69)BW-220081228 Mengkun area XBN (88)20081229_Laos Boarder- last day_001020081229_Laos Boarder- last day_003020081223 Jinghong bicylce trip (7)20081225 Jinghong Thursrday market XBN (54)-220081225 Jinghong Thursrday market XBN (62)20081228 Mengkun area XBN (101)-2

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