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A quick glance at old and new Chengdu, pictured over the last 3 years (starting 2008). Some photo's are taken from old parts of town that are now (2010) already demolished. Memories and photos is all that remains...
Old Chengdu, Sichuan-1Old Chengdu, Sichuan-2Old Chengdu, Sichuan-3Old Chengdu, Sichuan-4Old Chengdu, Sichuan-5Old Chengdu, Sichuan-60Old Chengdu, Sichuan-61Old Chengdu, Sichuan-62Old Chengdu, Sichuan-63Old Chengdu, Sichuan-64Old Chengdu, Sichuan-65Old Chengdu, Sichuan-66Old Chengdu, Sichuan-67Old Chengdu, Sichuan-68Old Chengdu, Sichuan-69Old Chengdu, Sichuan-70Old Chengdu, Sichuan-71Old Chengdu, Sichuan-72Old Chengdu, Sichuan-73Old Chengdu, Sichuan-74

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