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A quick glance at old and new Chengdu, pictured over the last 3 years (starting 2008). Some photo's are taken from old parts of town that are now (2010) already demolished. Memories and photos is all that remains... More in this collection folder.
Old Chengdu, Sichuan-1Old Chengdu, Sichuan-3Old Chengdu, Sichuan-63Old Chengdu, Sichuan-64Old Chengdu, Sichuan-97Old Chengdu, Sichuan-102Old Chengdu, Sichuan-92Old Chengdu, Sichuan-68Old Chengdu, Sichuan-95Old Chengdu, Sichuan-80Old Chengdu, Sichuan-86Oma in Chengdu 01-08 (58)Oma in Chengdu 01-08 (64)Old Chengdu, Sichuan-82Old Chengdu, Sichuan-74Oma in Chengdu 01-08 (52)-220090510_0292-220090510_0300-320091205-IMG_0066

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